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​Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) and​ Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) subscribe to The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program at the University of Miami for human subjects research training.  For more information see CITI Program web site.

Training Requirements​

All Partners Healthcare & Affiliates' research Study Staff, and all individuals participating in the 'conduct of human subject research must complete, or have completed at a Partners' or other institution, the following courses/exams before they can be listed as study staff on a human subjects research protocol:

  • The Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel BASIC Course; or
  • The Social & Behavioral Research BASIC Course; or
  • The Good Clinical Practices Research BASIC Course
                 Basic courses can take from 4 – 6 hours to complete.​

Continuing Education Requirements

Basic courses expire on every 3 years.  At this time, Study Staff cannot participate in research until CITI courses have been updated and have been logged in the  Insight Training Look Up.

IMPORTANT: Continuing Review applications will only be accepted for submission in Insight if all Study Staff on the Staff & Access page are in compliance with CITI training requirements.

Refresher Courses are required every 3 years to continue to participate in the conduct of human subjects' research.  Once all of the available Refresher Courses have been completed, the Basic Course is to be repeated. The number of Refresher courses varies and may be different per course.

The Biomedical course has 3 refresher courses 100, 200 and 201 (taken in 3 year intervals).

The Social & Behavioral and Good Clinical Practices courses have only 1 refresher course.

Refresher Courses take approximately 1 hour to complete.​​

Documentation of Course Completion 

​The Insight Admin record of Study Staff who have completed one of the Basic or Refresher courses through BWH or MGH are updated within 24 hrs or the next business day, depending when the CITI Administrator completes the necessary procedures to secure the information for direct electronic posting.  Your CITI profile must include your Partners user name and current Partners/Work email address to ensure that your Insight Admin record is updated.

Any incorrect postings are generated to the CITI Mailbox. The CITI Administrator reviews and makes corrections as needed and will notify the staff person by email—error and reason as well as, instructions for correction are provided.

NOTE: When CITI courses are completed through any institution other than BWH or MGH, a copy of the CITI completion certificate must be submitted to the PHS CITI Program Mailbox (

Insight Training Look Up​​

CITI completion dates for Study Staff are also displayed on the Staff & Access page of the protocol. This portal works best by using one's last name or PHS User Name.

The  Insight Trainin​g Look Up​ feature also allows Insight users to search by investigator/study staff person's last name and/or by protocol number or agreement proposal number and is available to anyone with access to Insight. For more information see Insight Training Look Up.

DFCI Researchers: DFCI maintains a list of researchers who completed CITI courses through DFCI.  Click on the DFCI Training List option​, open the file and search using the Ctrl + F keyboard command.

Frequently Asked ​Questions​

For answers to frequently asked questions, see FA​Q​s​.  For additional questions, an email to the PHS CITI Program mailbox is preferred (​).

Please attach your CITI certificates/completion reports in question to your email.

Calls regarding CITI can be made to 617-424-4104.


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