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Category 3

  • Category 3

    Research Category 3

    3. Prospective collection of biological specimens for research purposes by noninvasive means. 

    (a) hair and  nail clippings in a nondisfiguring manner:
    (b) deciduous teeth at time of exfoliation or if routine patient care indicates a need for extraction;
    (c) permanent teeth if routine patient care indicates a need for extraction;
    (d) excreta and external secretions (including sweat);
    (e) uncannulated saliva collected either in an unstimulated fashion or stimulated by chewing gumbase or wax or by applying a dilute citric solution to the tongue;
    (f) placenta removed at delivery;
    (g) amniotic fluid obtained at the time of rupture of the membrane prior to or during labor;
    (h) supra-and subgingival dental plaque and calculus, provided the collection procedure is not more invasive than routine prophylactic scaling of the teeth and the process is accomplished in accordance with accepted prophylactic techniques;
    (i) mucosal and skin cells collected by buccal scraping or swab, skin swab, or mouth washings;
    (j) sputum collected after saline mist nebulization. ​​