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Outgoing Subcontracts and Agreements

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  • Outgoing Subcontracts and Agreements

    ​Required Materials

    If you are a subcontractor to a Partners hospital on a sponsored project, please ensure that you provide us with the following information to ensure timely issuance of your subcontract:​

    1. Statement of ​Intent​ - Please only utilize the Partners Statement of Intent if your Institution does not have its own standard template.
    2. Statement of Work
    3. Budget (on sponsor form, per the proposal guidelines)
    4. Evidence of Human Subjects training (Citi Training), IRB and/or IACUC approvals, as needed.
    5. Other Support Pages / Biosketches
    6. Any other information required by the Sponsor RFA / guidelines.
    7. If you are a new Subcontractor and have not worked with a Partners entity before, we will require evidence of your COI policy.  

    Expectations for a Statement of Work

    ​​​​​​​A SOW should clearly outline the procedures and methods to be used by the subcontractor to accomplish the goals of the subcontract. A one- or two-line description is generally not a sufficient SOW. A complete and detailed SOW typically describes the work being provided and includes:

    • Any work plan

    • Required deliverables and milestones

    • Performance standards

    • Due dates

    • Clear expectations, such as subrecipient will assist in preparing a manuscript

    • Support for the budget (Please Note: The SOW supports the budget, but it is not the same as a budget justification and should not be a line item of expenses.)​


    Partners requires Principal Investigator (PI) to review and approve subcontracts prior to issuance.  The agreement must be signed by an Authorized Official within Partners Research Management. The subcontract will then be sent to an Authorized Official at the collaborating organization for counter-signature.​

    PIs are not authorized as institutional signing officials.


    BWH Contracts Office
    617-954-9650 (fax)

    MGH Contracts Office
    617-954-9542 (fax)