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Research Integrity

    Research Integrity
    Reporting a Concern

  • Research Integrity

    Partners HealthCare is committed to advancing a culture of compliance and scientific integrity among its investigators, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, and research administrators.  Although rare, instances of research misconduct may arise.  When they do, it is the responsibility of the research community to see they are addressed appropriately. 

    To this end, Partners has developed a research misconduct policy that defines what constitutes research misconduct, the investigatory process, and identifies a Research Integrity Officer (RIO) for each hospital with a research portfolio.  The policy applies to all individuals en​gaged in research at Partners regardless of their role in the research project.  All allegations must be reported to the Research Integrity Officer unless they are clearly frivolous.  Unfounded or bad faith allegations have a profound impact on the individual(s) accused of wrongdoing even when proven false.  The Research Integrity Officers listed below are available to discuss any circumstances that may raise issues regarding the integrity of research at their hospital.  

    Partners HealthCare - Research Integrity Officer:  Anne Klibanski, MD - 617-726-3870

    Brigham and Women's Hospital/Faulkner Hospital - Research Integrity Officer:  Paul Anderson, MD, PhD - 617-278-0192

    Massachusetts General Hospital - Research Integrity Officer- Harry Orf, PhD - 617-724-9079

    McLean Hospital - Research Integrity Officer: Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD- 617-855-4210 

    The Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Corporation- Research Integrity Officer:  Ross Zafonte, DO - 617-952-5227

    Newton-Wellesley Hospital - Research Integrity Officer: Louis Jenis, M.D.- 617-243-6793

    North Shore Medical Center - Research Integrity Officer:  Mitchell Rein, MD - 978-354-2458

     Questions may also be referred to the BWH, MGH, and Partners Research Compliance Directors